How to Take Care of Flame Retardant Clothing?

Flame retardant clothing is one of the most important pieces on the PPE catalog. Workers that are exposed to high temperatures are at risk of getting burn on a regular basis so they need clothing that can protect them from any kind of eventuality.

Employers issue the garments and then the questions is how take to care of it so it can last longer.


Flame retardant clothing could be washed at home with regular detergent, avoiding bleach and softener at all cost. The pieces should be washed individually to prevent any damage that could be caused by the chemicals on the clothes as a result of the day to day work.

Employers may hire a laundry service that will be in charge of the cleaning, this way they prevent any kind of damage on the garments.


If the garment gest damage it is possible to repair it but for the reparation to be successful, it should be done with the same fabric. Using a different material compromises the functionality and the clothing will not be safe anymore, as a result it will have to be replaced.

This process should be performed by a professional.

Wear Life

How long a garment last will depend on the quality but also on the kind of work that gets done. The minimum wear life is 9 months and the maximum is 5 years. However, the pieces should get replaced if before that time they get contaminated or damaged beyond repair.

After a while the fabric will get thinner, it is a good indication that a piece needs to be replaced. For employers it is better to purchase high quality pieces since they will last longer and they will not need to purchase new garments constantly.